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  • The basic operation principle for magnetic switch action results from a change in liquid level, which moves a magnetic attraction sleeve (SS410/MS) into the field of an externally located ‘U’ magnet.
  • Tandem float design combines two separate narrow differential switch functions in one Level Switch. This option can also be offered with sealed or flanged top external cage in addition to a flanged top-mounting model.
  • Mounting Type : Vertically Mounted
  • MOC for Float, Body, Guide Tube & Other Wetted Parts : SS 304, SS 316, SS 316L, PVC, Polypropylene
  • Process Connection : Flanged
  • External Cage Connection : Flanged, Socket Welded, Screwed
  • Contact Form : 1NO+1NC, 2NO+2NC
  • Max. Signalisation Height : 3 metre
  • Max. Working Pressure : 200 Kg/cm2
  • Max. Working Temperature : 540 Deg C
  • Explosion proof for Hazardous area IIA, IIB & IIC as per IS : 2148 : 1981 available
  • External Chamber Material : Carbon/ Alloy Steel, MSRL, SS, PVC, PPE
  • Radiating Fins for High Temperature Application