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  • It is available in two versions - Integral and Remote
  • a low AC Voltage is connected via the control unit between the sensing electrodes and reference electrodes. As soon as the conductive material touches the electrodes, a low AC current starts to flow which operates the relay in the control unit.
  • Probe type : Rigid upto 3 meters and Flexible upto 10 meters
  • Electrode Material : SS 304, SS 304L, SS 316, SS 316L, Titanium
  • Electrode Insulation : PVC, PTFE, Rubber Lined
  • No. of preset level : Upto Four for Remote Version and Upto Two for Integral Version
  • Max. Sensitivity : 100 micro siemens
  • Max. Temperature : 200 Deg C for Remote and 60 Deg C for Integral Version
  • Max. Pressure : 25 Kg/cm2 for Rigid Probe and 20 Kg/cm2 for Flexible Probe