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  • The unit is installed through the wall of the vessel, so that the paddle protrudes inside the vessel.
  • A small electric motor drives a paddle which rotates freely in the absence of material. When the paddle is impeded by material, the motor rotates within the housing which triggers two switches.
  • The first switch is a "dry" electrical contact closure that is available to control a process function or alarm circuit. The second switch cuts the power to the motor, preventing a locked rotor condition, thus extending the motor life.
  • This also activates the signaling device which is wired through that same motor switch. When the material level drops, the loaded stretched tension spring returns the motor to its original running position and the unit is activated.
  • Service : Dry powder or Bulk Materials compatible with wetted materials
  • Sensitivity : Minimum material density of 80 kg/m³, maximum of 3200 kg/m³
  • Wetted Materials : Paddles: 304 SS / 316 SS, Exposed Shaft: 304SS/316SS, Shaft Seal: PTFE,
  • Mounting Flanges: Carbon Steel, 304 SS or 316 SS
  • Shaft Extensions and Shaft Guards: Galvanized Steel, 304 SS or 316 SS
  • Process Temperature Limits : -40° to 150°C,
  • Control Head Temperature Limit : -40° to 90°C,
  • Pressure Limit : 3 bar maximum for 0.5 micron or larger material.
  • Power Supply : 110 - 220V AC, 230V AC, 24V AC, 48V AC, 12V DC or 24V DC
  • Switch Type : SPDT or optional DPDT snap switch
  • Process Connection : 1” Male NPT, optional mounting flange available