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  • It is based on thermal dispersion principle. The thermal mass flow sensor for monitoring liquid and gaseous media and consisting of a sensor assembly of two RTD (Resistance Temperature Detectors) sensing elements.
  • One RTD is heated a few degrees above the temperature of the medium and the other RTD is used as a reference, sensing the actual process temperature. When the media is flowing, the sensor is cooled. This temperature difference is used to activate a relay.
  • No moving parts in the media being monitored.
  • Process connection: Screwed / Flanged
  • Response time : 2 to 10 sec
  • Power on delay time: 15 sec
  • Output : SPST(PNP/NPN) or SPDT relay
  • Flow range : 2 to 250 cm/sec(liquid),250 to 2500cm/sec(gas)
  • Housing : Cast Aluminium /SS.
  • Op. Temperature : 0 to 80 Deg C
  • LED´s chain display to indicate flow rate/set point